Key Mapping in Ableton

Ok so I work at a church and we run Ableton for stems/playback during live services. We purchased the MC6 MKII with the intent to use it as controller. I just want 4 basic functions. Start, Stop, Next, and Back. I’ve looked at your tutorials and have downloaded the desktop editor but I can’t get it to work. Can anyone help ?

Sounds like a great idea and simple to use case.

I can think of 2 slighly different ways for you to map the buttons: one would be specifying CC messages for each of the MC6 MKII’s buttons, or just using the learn MIDI function in Ableton.

The first one might be a little more complicated but that would allow you to do so much more, because you could setup banks with different functions. For example, one bank could be global controls with PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, etc., but another bank could be for switching different channels ON/OFF, activating effects, and more.

Using the Morningstar editor is pretty simple (I’d suggest using the web version) all you have to do is asign a specific CC message for each button and configure the MIDI channel in which you will send MIDI information to Ableton. Then in Ableton you woul’d have to select the same channel for reception.

You can find more information about using CC in Ableton here: