Key Mapping in Ableton

Ok so I work at a church and we run Ableton for stems/playback during live services. We purchased the MC6 MKII with the intent to use it as controller. I just want 4 basic functions. Start, Stop, Next, and Back. I’ve looked at your tutorials and have downloaded the desktop editor but I can’t get it to work. Can anyone help ?

Sounds like a great idea and simple to use case.

I can think of 2 slighly different ways for you to map the buttons: one would be specifying CC messages for each of the MC6 MKII’s buttons, or just using the learn MIDI function in Ableton.

The first one might be a little more complicated but that would allow you to do so much more, because you could setup banks with different functions. For example, one bank could be global controls with PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, etc., but another bank could be for switching different channels ON/OFF, activating effects, and more.

Using the Morningstar editor is pretty simple (I’d suggest using the web version) all you have to do is asign a specific CC message for each button and configure the MIDI channel in which you will send MIDI information to Ableton. Then in Ableton you woul’d have to select the same channel for reception.

You can find more information about using CC in Ableton here:


I’m seriously considering getting a MC8 for navigating Ableton, amongst other things.

i haven’t been able to figure out yet, what specific CC messages am i able to define, with the unit, in order to configuring it like i need it to, following the approach #1 , you mentioned above.

Would you kindly elaborate on that, pls ?

i’ll give you my scenario here

i need the pedal for several functions
i’m a multi-instrumentalist, namely using Percussion MIDI controllers, Vdrums, keyboard&synth, EWI , and electric guitar&bass (through ipad Tonestack & BiasFX) …so my hands are usually holding mallets or sticks, or the instruments.
And i am often away from the desk/launchPad.

i’m trying to find the optimal setup for jamming & recording, which will inform the live setup.

I. Main pedal function
Navigate Ableton’s Session view

  1. arrow keys (scene scrolling and channel swapping)

  2. arming tracks

  3. basic transport functions, metronome, loop, etc.

  4. the trickiest
    How to set a footswitch to function as a generic clip-Play/launch button, that will NOT be a play/launch button PER clip ?

in other words _
a)how to navigate through the clips ;
b)SELECT a specific clip (opening a blank clip OR launching an already used one) (like double clicking it with the mouse) ;
c)Play/launch it or REC/overdub

All without mapping the said clip’s Play/Rec button.
All without mapping a footswitch to each and every individual clip one might use.
(One would have to have a enormous pedalboard, in order to having footswitches for all clips on a simple 8channel grid…)

Mapping keyboard macro keys to the pedal

  1. i often need to switch between Piano roll and session view, or arrangement view… but i don’t want to stop playback, or move away from the instrument.
    How would i map macro keys that would allow me to set certain DAW (Ableton/Logic) shortcuts, to the pedal ?


Connecting AUX-in footswitches so i can have a 2nd and 3rd triggers, beside the remaining instruments on the setup. (namely basic actions like play,rec,overdub,stop, etc)

So the main unit would be MC8, for the marimba, for eg, and i’d have a simpler footswitch for the Drums, for eg., another near the guitar…etc…

I hope i didn’t sound too over the top…
Congrats on what…so far, seems to being the best pedal(s) i’ve encountered…
So kudos

cheers from Portugal