Kernom Ridge does not accept MIDI message from Morningstar MC6

I already used my MC6 and it worked well. Tried to add the pedal KERNOM RIDGE, but for some reason could not send a midi message (PC) to the pedal. I thought the cable was bad (5 pin to 3 pin) and changed to new cable, but still no success. The channel is set correctly. Any idea what can go wrong?

Not familiar with that pedal per say, but there is no standard for 5 pin midi to 3.5mm with cables. Best bet would be if you try going out of the Omniports on the MC6 and try the different midi types in the Morningstar settings (Tip Active, Ring Active, or standard) Then at least you’ll know what kind of cable you need to make/buy if the omniports are already spoken for.