Kemper Stage Morph

Has anyone had any luck emulating the behaviour of the Kemper Stage and its Morphing switching?
Basically, select a preset, then press the button to activate Morphing, press again and its back to the first state.

However, in some circumstances, I will leave the preset in its morphed state when I choose another button (preset). What I’m struggling with is when I do go to another Button (preset), and the go back to the first (button) preset, the original preset wont go back to its first sate (unmorphed)

And another thing, trying to integrate preset scrolling and/toggles to name the state is very confusing.

I’ve almost succeeded with preset scrolling, however When I return to the preset, the scrolled (named) position when I left is maintained.

It really should be quite straightforward. i.e. leave a preset in whatever state, return to the preset, and it defaults to its normal state?

Thanks in advance.

Doesn’t look like anyone has this figured out yet.

The biggest issue I cannot resolve is syncing the MC6Pro ad the Kemper preset with the Morph state off when I select another preset. Because as soon as I select another preset the toggle function on the MC6Pro wants to engage. It should engage (if I am using the Morph function) on the second press.

I can set the Kemper bank to load without a preset engaged, that’s fine, however as soon as I press a preset, the toggle wants to engage?

Is it a button sequence thing perhaps? Can I change the order of the toggle state?

I might also add this query applies to the Kemper Remote which utilises the same single button change morph state function that I’m trying to emulate.