Kemper 2 Way Communication

Hi All,

The Kemper profiler doesn’t appear to output CC status messages (corresponding to button presses on the front panel) and I don’t think they are keen to freely distribute the information used in the uno4Kemper chip/Kemper Remote protocols.

Is there any likelyhood that Morningstar will be able to get this info and update the MC series in future as is the case with the Kemper Tuner?

It would obviously be useful for the Kemper to transmit the stomp status to the MC when a preset is changed so that the toggle status of any stomps matches on both systems.

Any thoughts?

I am wondering if this is possible recently myself. Is there any way to have some integration that is similar to fractals. Select a preset & it goes into a state similar to scenes but actually is the effect block status on/off states with corresponding switches for each block. MC8 is setup perfectly for the 8 effect blocks of the kemper.

We haven’t worked on this yet. Their third party documentation is quite complicated (or at least not as straight-forward as Fractal’s). We’ll revisit it again soon.

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Would love to see this feature.