Keep main screen when scrolling up/down with a counter

I’ve setting up a counter for scrolling up & down program numbers and another counter to scroll up and down preset. Scrolling up and down the program works how I’d like. Basically, it stays on the main screen and I can see the counter counting up/down. However, when I scroll up and down on the preset, the MC6 screen flashed “EMPTY” momentarily. I’d like it to just stay on the main screen, so that I can see the counter count up/down. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Hi. Please post some screenshots of both presets if you would? Or export the bank as json and attach here? Sounds fixable…

In fact… on the Preset preset :smiley: have you got a text value set in ‘Long Name’? If so I think that would show momentarily when you press the switch…

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Wow, thanks! That solved the issue. I think it defaults to ‘EMPTY’ value. Once I blanked that out, all worked great. Thanks again!

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