Just got a Strymon Nightsky. Any users out there?

Would love to chat with Nightsky and MC8 users on best way to save patches via MIDI.



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I love my NightSky + MC8 combo. I have a page of presets set activate on Release. However, when I Long Press, they activate while killing the dry signal, leaving me with cool synthy pads.

That’s great!

I need to figure out how to get things working properly. I could use an online workshop in MC8 instruction :slight_smile:

I felt the same way at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

First, set up PC messages to recall presets you’ve saved on the NightSky. Then take a look at the end of the NS manual where it lists all the CC commands, and you can start to imagine all the other cool stuff you can do.

I need to figure out how to save new presets to MIDI via the MC8 and then figure out how retrieve those messages using the MC8.

Any step by step instructions appreciated!

First use the NS manual to learn how to save presets to the NS itself (hold down favorite switch, etc.).

Next, program a switch on the MC8 (I recommend starting with “Release” action type) to send a PC message that corresponds to the NS preset number (PC#0 = preset 1, Pc#1 = preset 2, etc.).

Also make sure you’re sending your message to the correct MIDI channel. Again, instructions to change the MIDI channel are in the NS manual.

Let’s take this step by step.

I want to save presets to NightSky via Midi for slots beyond what’s available on the hardware (1-16).

Let’s say I create a new present - #17. I want to save that present in the Nightsky via MIDI.
What are the instructions to do this with the MC8?

Once that is accomplished, let say I want to access present #17 in the future. What are the instructions in the MC8 to do this?

Appreciate the step by step guide. I know it’s not rocket science but I want to get it right. :slight_smile:

Ok, I understand now.

Not sure about your first question, but to access Preset 17 on the NightSky, I believe one would send out PC #16 (PC#0-15 correspond to Presets 1-16, so PC#16 = Preset 17). Go to the preset you want to use on the MC editor and simply make a message to send PC #16 on “Release”. Again, make sure your MIDI channel matches that of the NightSky (in the manual).

The NightSky has the ability to store 300 Presets via MIDI. The Presets 1-16 are just what’s available via the hardware buttons. :slight_smile:

I’ll do some more research and experimentation and see if I can figure it out.