Jet Eternity control via Omniport / MIDI

So I just got a brand new Jet Eternity delay and connected it to one of the Omniports on my MC6-PRO and it does nothing. I’ve tried multiple MIDI channels, all my settings are correct, and still nothing. It’s not even receiving the MIDI clock which is being sent on all channels / ports, and the Eternity is supposed to receive this by default. I’m using a Rockboard TRS cable, which is working perfectly for my Strymon Cloudburst reverb pedal.

Junior at Jet told me that some of the early MC6-PRO units had a bug which created communication problems with a few pedals, including Jet units. The fix was actually a new PCB board from Morningstar according to him.

Has anyone run into this issue or have a way to get this working? I’m desperate!!!

Hi, welcome. You’ve set your omniport to the required midi setting, yes? Then saved and rebooted the controller? Have you disconnected from the editor? Tried another TRS cable?

When testing, I was still plugged in (in edit mode). When I’ve made other changes, I never had to reboot or anything, so I didn’t even think to do that. However, I have tried to do this multiple times, each time the system was unplugged from power and started back up again. I can try a full reboot, but yes, all my Omniports are set to MIDI Type A, which I’ve verified is needed for Jet pedals. And every time you change this setting, it reboots, so I guess I’ve done that. I just don’t know that I’ve actually tried to make it work while not in edit mode / plugged into my computer with the editor software running. I also did try another TRS cable that I know works, so that’s definitely not it.

I also had problems with the Eternity, although I just have the MC6 Mkii. My problem was that it would sporadically NOT sync to midi clock. But with no rhyme or reason. I emailed Junior and he said he could retire some code in my pedal to try and fix it. I ultimately sold it because that seemed like too much hassle. I don’t know if it’s a chronic problem or was just my pedal. I loved the form factor but the midi clock issue + the dual delay didn’t function how I wanted it to in mono ultimately led me to sell.