Jackson Audio Bloom

Can anyone tell me how they are controlling the expression perimeters of the bloom function by holding down the bottom on the Morningstar? It’s at the end of this video


It looks like he is using single presses for Boost on/off (CC#3) and then probably using the CC Waveform Generator action (maybe 2000 interval) on a long press to simulate the ramp up and down if you held the button on the actual bloom pedal (CC#5)

Interesting! I was able to get the bloom function to respond to the cc waveform but do you have any idea how they were able to get the percentages on the screen by chance?

Thanks for the help!

The percentage changing is from movement on an expression CC action. Come to think of it, it might not actually be the Waveform Generator. It might be that he has it assigned to an expression pedal off screen and he just had his finger resting on the button and wasn’t pressing it down at that moment. It confused me because the ramp up and downs were the same duration each time.

I checked…it is an expression pedal controlling the Bloom. That video came out a year before the Waveform Generator feature was added in the Morningstar. But you can control either way I guess that works best. More options is good.

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