It would be nice to have a one level undo in editor

In case, just I did, you pasted a bank in a bad slot and loose 2 hours of work :frowning: Isn’t it ?

My error was caused by a bug in first 3.8.1 firmware : when pasting full bank , bank name and presets are not refreshed, we have to disconnect/reconnect the editor.

A little hard within the controller unfortunately as we’re working with limited resources (RAM and storage)

No just in the editor, in memory and by session , not even necessary to use a stack, but you can, just pushing the old values, banks or preset only, the operation and place where it occurs ?
Undo button pops the value and apply the same operation.
Not rocket science comparing to what you already did :wink: and so valuable.

Not sure if feasible yet, but have added into our backlog to explore in the future :slight_smile:

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