Issues with MC6 and FM3

I have a MC6 mkii connected to a Fractal FM3. I use a control switch from the FM3 to select different banks on the MC6. When first turned on this doesn’t work, I have to power cycle the MC6 then it will receive the signal from the FM3. Is this a glitch and I will always have to power cycle it?


I’m not familiar with the FM3, but what you say control switch, are you referring to a relay-based switching output on the FM3, and connected to the TRS port on the MC6? Or are you connecting the FM3 MIDI Out to the MC6 MIDI IN?

Hi, it sends a midi signal to the mc6 for it to change bank. When first turned on this doesn’t work so the mc6 has to be turned off then on again and then it works. Does the unit need to be turned on after other midi devices or is it just a bug?

There shouldn’t be any need to restart.

Can you try turning on the FM3 first, then shortly after turn on the MC6, and see if you face the same issue? How about disconnecting the MIDI connection between both devices, turning on both together, and then connecting the MIDI cable? Does the issue persist in both these instances?

In both these cases every thing works as it should.
Also after restarting the mc6 to get it so that it receives midi signals from the FM3 then everything can be powered off and on again and it will still work. However if it is left for a while then it goes back to not receiving signals unless turned on after the FM3, it will still send signals though