Issues connecting expression pedal to Neural DSP

I got the Dunlop mini and I am having some issues connecting my expression pedal to my MC6Pro to Neural DSP GOJIRA. I have my omni port 1 set to expression. Can you look at the pics and let me know if I have it set up correctly? Thanks!

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I have just been setting up the same pedal over the last few days.

One thing that wasn’t clear to me immediately, is that the expression value is linked to the bank you are currently in.

So if you switch banks, it stops working.

If you want it to be active in every bank you will need to map it in each one.

That said, it appears that you have each amp set to a single bank, so that may not be your issue.

Have you tried a CC# other than 0? This is commonly used for bank changes, so perhaps there’s a conflict? According to my search the other day, CC#11 is commonly mapped to expression, if that helps?

Also, very silly question, but you are plugged in with a stereo cable to the AUX out on the pedal yeah?

Sorry I don’t have any Neural apps to test in. The settings look ok to me, assuming the third column on neural is Midi Channel.

Thanks, here is how I have the expression pedal connected to the Omni port.

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check the MIDI monitor to see if MIDI messages are being sent when you move the expression pedal to confirm if the messages are indeed being sent.

Also, are you using macOS or Windows? In Windows OS, once a MIDI port is claimed by a software (i.e. the editor), another software cannot use the MIDI port. You’ll need to close the editor in order to connect it to the Neural DSP software.

have you got the other functions to work besides the expression preset function?

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