Issue with Aux switch\dual button press 3.9.3 firmware

I have a MC8.
I just updated to the latest firmware from a 3.8.x firmware. I’ve noticed an issue when pressing two buttons at once to engage a preset. When pressing two buttons together on my Aux switch, getting the dual preset is very erratic.
My aux switch is Q, R, S. When pressing both together in the old firmware, it would be a consistent S, but in the new firmware, it randomly Q or R. If I try really hard using my hands to press both at the exact same time, I can get the S, but it used be to more tolerant and smooth, and to get it to switch now, i have to focus and come down directly on top at the exact same time, and even then, its not accurate. While playing, it used to be an easy footdown on the both and it would consistently work, but now it gets the Q and R most of the time which makes the switch useless as I really don’t want those presets to trigger while playing. I can’t find a setting to tweak to get it be more flexible. I’ve tried setting the Q and R presets to be release only, hoping that would fix it, and no luck. Pressing dual buttons on the MC8 itself seems to work as expected.
Can we get a setting for the sensitivity of the dual presses? Or can we set the behavior back to the 3.8.x firmware?
Any help is appreciated.

In v3.9, the aux switches are all set to low sensitivity by default, so any aux switch presses will trigger the presets immediately without any delay. There’s no option to turn this off though - if you use a 3 button aux switch, all 3 buttons will trigger fine. But if you are trying to trigger a preset by pressing 2 of the aux switch buttons then that’s not possible anymore.

We can’t add a setting for this yet, not until the next major update. In the meantime, can you drop us an email about this? We can compile a firmware with the v3.8 settings for the aux switches for you.

HI James,
Thanks for the reply. I created a workaround using toggle groups, which are cool by the way, and I can now use just the two buttons. This solution works better than what I was doing before, so I’m ok for now. I’ll look forward to the update with the fix in it so I can get my 3rd button back, but for now, I’m good to go.

Thanks for the help

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