Isolating Expression Pedal Messages

Ohhhhhh yeah. Kudos, props and raising of glasses all round! It’s so neat. I love still finding better ways to do things after x years of MC ownership.

This forum is unparalleled for its level positive support I would say.


The “on disengage” command works perfectly. It tells the pedal to butt out as soon as I move to something else that may not be expression pedal related. Otherwise the pedal is a cooking grenade waiting to screw up the setting you just nailed.

The “on release” I learned from others. I, too, used press for all commands. I don’t know why, but on release creates a useful separation. At least that’s my impression.


There’s options, as there always is with MC!

On disengage in position 2 covers pressing the switch to disengage, AND another preset disengaging the first one.

Coupled with ‘on release’ expression messages you can really tune things. For one of my filter exps, I’ve used ‘on release’ to set with frequency sweep back to starting value when I stop moving the pedal. In most of my cases, I want to quickly “bend” something with expression and have it go back to starting Value when I stop movement.

Every time I read something this over my head I’m reminded of a scene from the movie with Rip Torn, Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks “Defending Your Life.” If you’ve never seen the movie or don’t care about context, skip to 1:15. I definitely fall into the 3% category. :slight_smile:

I just thought of a second purpose for using “on release” instead of press. On one of my presets I send a message to the Iridium and the Deco to cue up a specific amp and a particular setting in the Tape Saturation mode. For some yet-to-be-discovered reason, that action also activates the DoubleTracker switch on my Deco. So, until I can figure out why, I’ve had to include CC #21 ( Deco DoubleTracker on/off) with a value of 0. Since “press” activates the preset–and the unwanted activity–release shuts it down. So the double tracker light blinks on then off. I don’t know what would happen if I used “press” for that action. But it could be catastrophic! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Anyway, It’s a solution for the inexplicable.