Is this possible with the ML5 Loop Switcher?

Is the ML5 capable of just merging the returns of three different pedals as indicated in the diagram below? In this simplified example I’m using three EHX Series 9 pedals. These pedals require the raw guitar signal to operate effectively therefore they cannot be in series. I need a switcher that will effectively just sum up all the returns and send it to the amp. If all the effects are turned off then no signal would go to the amp. If only two loops are on then only those signals (summed up) will go to the amp. This would allow me to use one, two or three effects at once or none at all.

I borrowed a friend’s Voodoo Lab HEX but as expected it doesn’t work since it really wants to be a series pedal switcher. It’s possible to use two pedals on the HEX since loop 1 is isolated but I need more than 2. Technically I need five pedals but to simplify the diagram I only included three to make the point.


The ML5 works similarly to the Hex. It switches devices on/off the audio signal chain in series. There’s no audio signal summer inbuilt in the ML5, since it isn’t designed to be used as such. Sounds like what you need is a stereo summer with switching capabilities

Thanks for the prompt reply. Maybe I can approach this a different way. Does the switching mechanism turn on/off the send signal or does it turn on/off the return signal on the ML5? I would think it is turning on/off the send signal so that delay pedals can continue to tail once turned off. If this is the case then all I need is the ML5 plus some clever routing since I don’t think a summing switcher exists.

It does switch both the send and return together, so you can’t have 3 devices connected to the returns and have all 3 loops meet at the output.

if you really wanted a switcher like this, you could possibly just solder some wires to connect them to the output. but you will have phase issues summing the audio like that

Not sure how you are on pedalboard real estate. But, this is a neat pedal that might help somehow as a solution. It also has phase switching to help with any issues. Electro-Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer | Sweetwater

That is a very interesting pedal and if it were controllable by MIDI that would solve my problem as I would just buy two of them. Thanks for sharing.

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I’m still not convinced I can’t solve this problem using creative routing. I’m going to try out an idea when I get home on the HEX and if it works, assuming the ML5 works the same way, I’m going to order an ML5 as I prefer the smaller footprint and I’ll give the HEX back to my friend who lent it to me.

My brain is starting to hurt trying to figure it out. lol…so, I’ll just link the products that I was looking at that might be helpful…

This screenshot is from the manual of the RJM Mini Gizmo…it looks like you can run some of the effects in parallel with an added line mixer.

The RJM Mini Gizmo and Mini Line Mixer are Legacy products so they don’t sell them on their web page anymore, but here is a where someone is offering both for sell. RJM Mini Effect Gizmo and Mini Line Mixer bundle - get both | Reverb

Or maybe using a separate second switcher for the 3 pedals running into a single loop on the original switcher.
I’m probably missing what you are trying to accomplish, but maybe something in here might spark an idea for you.