Is there a way to read state from the Axe-FX II with the MC 8?

Looking for a way to read the amp channel state so that I can change to a different scene or preset and immediately set the amp channel to where it was prior to the scene/preset change.

Alternatively, is there a way to have the MC 8 remember a prior CC send and select the next action based on that?

The intent here is to be able to select a new scene or preset for a different FX preset, while maintaining the current amp channel (more accurately re-selecting the existing amp channel in the new command string)…

Not at the moment, but we’ll be interested to explore this for v3.9.

For the Kemper as well, but the documentation for that is extremely limited so we might be good for only implementing the retrieving of preset names.

Thanks for the response.

I’m looking at both Kemper and Axe-FX III, trying to re-create the basic functionality of a multi-channel amp and a FX unit, switching them independently.

The Kemper has a way to do it, sort of, using basic CC messages and the “Keep Rig” state for loading performance.

The Fractal, though, does not allow us to lock a channel or scene assignment, so I would have to be able to read the current state, create the new state commands, then send the complete message (preset, scene, and channel selection).

It sounds like Kemper has the easier integration path with MIDI.

@james have you looked at this ?

Thanks for sharing! This will be useful once we implement the AxeFX integration.

Right now, I’m thinking of implementing it as a Bank Preset, so on your bank, you can set an “On Enter” event with a “Integrate AxeFX Scenes” or something like that, which will have the controller retrieve the necessary data from the Axe and display it on the controller.

More thought needs to be put into the details though - We have an AxeFX but I’m not a pro user at all. This type of integration will likely be rigid. If you need something customised (like show Patch names for some presets and Scene names for others) then this won’t work.

The way you are describing would certainly work for the way I use mine. I would never want to mix presets and scenes, I have a bank for presets, a bank for scenes, and a bank for effects. I have a Fractal Audio FM3 so the three buttons on that unit each select one of those banks.

Thanks for the information. Can you share your bank dump on what you have programmed for your bank on Presets, Scenes and Effects? So I have a better idea on what needs to be sent for this integration.

Here you go, hope it helps. If you want me to test anything i would be more than happy to.

TBH, having presets name and being able to make setlists would be enough to me to ditch definitely that awful Kemper remote …

If the MC8-PRO is able to do that on launch day, most of the musicians I work for would be gladly doing so.