Is there a " SAVE BANK " Option?

Hi all !

I may be missing something, but whenever I make edits to a single preset, I then immediately “save” that single preset.

I’m wondering … is it possible to make changes to multiple presets -without saving each one as you go - and then using a “SAVE BANK” option if such a thing exists ?

Hope this makes sense,

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Don’t believe so. But an (optional) “you haven’t saved, do you want to save now?” Yes / No modal when changing preset and/or bank would be lovely…

Many thanks for responding :slight_smile:


Great idea, will add that.

There isn’t such a feature. The presets are saved individually. Is there a specific use case you are trying to achieve with this?

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Just the idea of editing multiple presets in a BANK one after the other without having to SAVE each preset as its changed, and then hitting a BANK SAVE option to save them all in one go.

Not at all a biggie - just a thought / idea :slight_smile:

I’ve definitely toggled off a preset I’ve been working on even to just check something in another preset and I’m not warned that I made edits that will be lost. Probably an alert would be the best implementation. You could also add a never show this box again toggle if people get annoyed by it. I’d love it though.


That’s possible, probably further down the road. Current idea now is perhaps allowing bulk preset edit within the “Edit Bank Settings” tab, but not sure if necessary yet.

Me too. You can try the beta editor with this added feature:

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