Is there a JSON schema available for the editor's import/export format?

I just realized that I can program my MC8 using my preferred editor (emacs, natch) and track changes using my preferred version control system (git). But having a JSON schema for the editor’s import/export format would be so amaze, much wunderbar!

I’ve amassed a non-trivial familiarity with defining formal JSON schemas in my work on public standards (cybersecurity-related, mainly) so if you guys don’t have a schema on hand and could use an assist defining one, I’d be more than happy to help out! Cheers!

Thanks for the offer!

Currently it’s there if you are saving the preset data in the editor, which saves it to a json file, and when you load it, it’ll load the settings back into the editor.

the current data dump for banks and all banks is more similar to dumping out stored data without any schema.

we do have plans to explore using json in the future so that the files can be used between different devices (loading a MC3 data file to an MC8 for example), but do note that only some values will make sense to the user - like preset names, bank names etc. the values used in the preset messages will just be an array of numbers.

But we have other priorities for now and not sure when we can re-visit this