Is pressing A+D or C+F supposed to trigger other presets?

I’m seeing something pretty weird:

  • If I press physical switches A+D together, it sends the messages for preset I
  • If I press switches C+F together, it triggers preset K’s messages

Is that supposed to happen? It happens whether I’m on page 1 or 2. FWIW I have presets A-L all programmed, with the rest empty. Both MIDI Monitor and the device I’m trying to control see these CC messages being sent (for presets I and K). I’m running v3.12.6. Can someone try to repro this please?

Ah, I think what’s going on. I couldn’t find this anywhere in the MC6 Pro manual, so on a gamble I checked the MC6 MKII manual. Turns out that unit had the concept of hidden presets:

However these don’t really make sense on the Pro because D+E and E+F are already reserved for changing page.

@james can we consider removing A+D, B+E, and C+F from the Pro? I’ve had these trigger by accident and they could ruin a performance.