Is Looper Mode necessary if only Press actions are assigned?

I currently have all my double tap actions on the top row of my MC6 and have Looper Mode engaged on the bottom row, but I’m wondering if I even need to do that. It seems like if I only have Press actions on a preset, the switch doesn’t wait for any double tap or long press actions, even if it’s not in Looper Mode. Is that correct?

Welcome! Don’t use looper mode myself but…. An extra delay (beyond the standard / global delay that’s present when NOT using looper mode) is only present when Double Tap is used:

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Hi. Yes, it is necessary even if you are using only a press action. By default there is a few ms delay to make banking up/down using dual switch presses possible. We explain it in this video:

As you know Looper Mode can now be applied to selected switches only. Unlike what is shown in the video.