Is it possible to use two ML10x sends to go to separate amps besides the main output?

I have the output of my ML10x feeding into a Boomerang looper pedal. - Which in turns feeds into an Iridium pedal -

If I were to build Ring and Tip sends from Loop ‘E’ where the ring send fed a guitar amp and the Tip send fed a bass amp - besides the main output -would this work?

I tried it and it didn’t seem to transmit sounds. Is the circuit ‘broken’ because I don’t have anything coming back into the Loop E returns?

If somehow I could have all 4 outputs simultaneously I could create some truly massive soundscapes!


Yes, that is possible. You can treat the Send E Tip/Ring as outputs. But all this can only be done in advanced mode.

Here’s the input signal splitting to 4 outputs: