Is it possible to use the Editor software this way?

Hello, I am wanting to connect my MC8 to the editing software with the 5 pin MIDI In/Out ports. Is this possible or only with the use of USB?

5 Pin Din works for me. I use it with a WIDI Jack for wireless editing.

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Yes it is possible if you have a USB MIDI interface. If it doesn’t appear, go to, click on devices, and share a screenshot with us. We may need to update the editor

Should the MC8 just show up in the “select device to connect” menu or do I need to choose my USB MIDI interface in the settings somewhere?

Currently the MC8 does not show up in the editor and I cant find where to select what USB MIDI device I want to connect to.
I am using a iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+

We do some filtering of the connected MIDI devices in the editor connect drop down. I don’t think we added iConnectivity in there yet, so that is why it does not show - I’ll just need a screenshot of the device name from

Oh got it, here you go.

Thank you for the quick response!

Thanks. Can you give the staging editor a try? It should prompt you for an update and the editor version at the bottom show read v1.3.3

That worked flawlessly!

Correction, I am unable to switch presets on the editor.
Also, I disconnected the device and now I cant get it to show up and the pedal is stuck in editor mode.

Can you try turning off the MC8 MIDI Thru setting and try again?

Can I do that on the pedal itself?

Yes, press switch A+H together

Thanks, that didn’t change anything for me.

Sorry, meant to say that the pedal still isn’t recognized anymore.

Hey there, just wanted to circle back on this.

I can get the editor to show the iConnectivity device and it seems to load my MC8 (although the preset name column on the right doesnt show the preset names) but when I try to switch presets, nothing loads on the editor.

I can’t reconnect the MC8 after disconnecting until I disconnect/reconnect the MC8 from power, but then the editor is still unresponsive.

I just tested this with my Steinberg UR22 and it works fine. When you click on “click to connect” on the editor, how many devices show up? Can you share a screenshot?

Since you managed to get it to connect, the input and output from the USB interface to the MC8 should be working fine, if not nothing will change on the Editor when you click on connect.

Are you trying to load presets by pressing the switch or using the navigation side bars? Does using the navigation side bars not load anything? If using the switch, you need to enable this in the Editor Settings:

I can get a screenshot a bit later if you need.

But the shown devices in the editor are:

iConnectMIDI2+ DIN1
iConnectMIDI2+ DIN2
iConnectMIDI2+ USB
iConnectMIDI2+ none

At first load up it connects to the MC8.
But it doesn’t seem to load everything, for instance the preset names in the column on right are empty.
When I click in the editor to change banks or presets, nothing happens.
After disconnecting from the editor, clicking on any of the iConnect devices wont load anything until I reboot the MC8 but then everything goes back to the beginning.

Sorry, meant to tag you in the reply.

Hello, just want to reach out again and see if you can help figure out the issue. Thanks!

Sorry for the delayed response. At this point, I’m not sure what might be causing the issue - if SysEx messages are being passed via USB to the MIDI IN/OUT port on the MC8, the editor should communicate without issues.

Can you go to the staging editor (, open the dev tools and then navigate to console, and then connect to the device in the editor and then share a screenshot of what you see in the console when it fails? Here’s an example:

I’m away from office till Tuesday next week but I’ll do my best to help.