Is it possible to fetch all settings from the MC6 to edit in the web interface?


I am new here and new to Morningstar. I have just bought my MC6 MkII to replace my Boss GT8 as a MIDI controller of my guitar ring.

I have googled like crazy, but there are a couple of things I can’t figure out.

Can the web interface (Morningstar MIDI Editor) fetch all settings in the MC6 to edit them in the web interface (Morningstar MIDI Editor) to later restore them in the MC6 again after editing? Or can I only push setting from the web interface to the MC6.

When you edit on the web editor, the editor pulls data from the controller to display on the editor, and then you can edit it and then save it which then pushes the data back to the controller.

Thank james,

It’s good to hear that it’s supposed to be that easy, but the editor doesn’t pull any data from my MC6MkII. I can’t edit and save to the unit, but as soon as I connect it to My Macbook to continue the editing after testing the MC6 with my rig. Everything in the editor is blank.

I have tried 3.8.3 and today after reading your response I updated to the new 3.8.4A, but the editor still doesn’t pull any data from my MC6.

I have rebooted several times and disconnected, refreshed the bowser. I.e. the usual IT fault finding routine…

Any ideas?

Thanks for the information. I have replied your email but we can troubleshoot it here as well. Can you share a screenshot of what you see in the editor? If you have clicked on Connect in the editor, the button should change to Blue, which indicates that it is connected to the device, and then the Preset information will load in the editor.

Thank you James.

I am new here and I wasn’t aware of that you are working at Morningstar. Between your first and second response here I found the support address and sent the same question to Morningstar, where you answered and then I realized that the person who had responded in the forum was working for Morningstar.

Anyway. The problem is solved now. Thanks. :slight_smile: