Is it possible to calculate a CC Value by tap tempo?

Hi all,

New MC8 user here. I have a Hughes&Kettner amp (Black Spirit 200) which is controlable by MIDI. This is my first day with the MC8 and so far i can control anything on the amp with it, except tap tempo.

Hughes&Kettner says that there is no specific CC# for tap tempo and nothing mentioned about MIDI Clock either in the manual. According to them, their own midi board (FSM-432) has a function that calculates the CC Value for the Delay Time (51ms=CC Value:0 / 1360ms=CC Value:127) parameter by tapping. They also say Behringer FCB1010 can do this too.

In summary, can I generate a CC Value (0-127) by tapping (51~1360ms or 1176~44bpm) by tapping one of the switches on MC8? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, this is not possible. This would vary too much across too many devices. Packing the wide range of BPM (lets say 1 - 300 bpm) into CC values 0-127 would not be accurate as well.

I get it. Thanks for your answer.

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