Is it Possible to add a "Bank Jump" Command While Preset is in “Toggle Mode?”

I believe I’ve read everything even tangentially related to this question and have experimented for hours. But I give up. When a preset is in toggle mode, is it possible to execute messages that act independently of toggle mode? If so, how?

I use bank one as a home base/hub and often need to return there to quickly switch to another specific bank. I really would like to avoid dedicating a switch for this purpose. I’ve tried using every available combination of “actions” for the messages I want toggled and for the one I don’t, but all activate the toggle.

I have a three-button aux. switch programmed into Omniport 1, but fixed switch custom only permits me to scroll through banks, not jump to a specific bank (or am I missing something there, too?).

My specific question is for “bank jumps” while in toggle mode, but my question applies to a other actions as well, such as bypass/engage actions for my strymon pedals. I currently have a switch dedicated to that function in each strymon bank. Yikes!

I hate it when I miss what is usually staring right at me. I know I’m not the only user who would like to perform this action, but because I could not find a post in this forum that addresses this specific problem, I also suspect that I’m probably over complicating the obvious.



Hi! I think this should be possible unless I’ve misunderstood… here’s what I do, and this works fine for me at least!

Preset screenshot one of two:

Preset screenshot two of two (coz it wouldn’t all fit in one grab!):

Bank settings:

So short press and release engages / disenages the C4 synth on alternate short presses. I set my toggles per preset rather than using the bank level “Clear Preset Toggles” set to ‘on’, because sometimes I don’t want a preset to disengage another preset when pressed, and sometimes I do want that.

Long press takes me back to bank one.
Double tap jumps to “a bank”. Caveat: use of double tap introduces a short delay, because the controller needs to know if the user is tapping once or twice before it does stuff.

Bank has some commands to deselect all exp messages and disengage all pedals (just in case!).

TLDR; Use position “both” on any action you want to trigger no matter the toggle state.

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Thank you for this. Over the weekend I read your interactions with other lost souls around a similar topic. It was helpful, but some of us need more help. :crazy_face:

Your solution begs another question that occurred to me yesterday and one for which I have so far failed to construct a workable search phrase–are messages in preset blocks processed sequentially? For example, in the preset you shared, if you perform the action for msg 4, does the controller first read msg 2? If so, then the placement of the “Disengage Toggle” command is important.

The confusing part of that scenario is if msg 2 disengages the toggle and, at some point you execute msg 3 and then try to go back to msg 1, if read sequentially you couldn’t because, if you haven’t left the bank, the toggle would be off–or, if messages are read sequentially, is msg 1 always in toggle?

Final question in truly trying to understand your set up, given the above ruminations, in as much as one can apply it to this contraption, “Logic” suggests that your message 2 should really be message 3 so as not to interfere with the toggle commands of your cc 102 and 104?? So is there a midi rationale for placing the “disengage toggle” message between your two toggle messages?

“I set my toggles per preset rather than using the bank level “Clear Preset Toggles” set to ‘on’, because sometimes I don’t want a preset to disengage another preset when pressed, and sometimes I do want that.” Maybe I just need to get my brain wrapped around this sentence…

Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I can simply ape what you’ve done and I’m confident it will work. I’m just trying to understand the logic/flow of your messages for future use and deeper understanding of the process.



I so wish I could have made that work, qauadstar. That was my first go to, but in every “action” type I tried using “both” my toggle mode activated and my presets switched upon bank jump.

Pretty sure (@james can correct me if wrong) that messages trigger according to this hierarchy: toggle position, then action, and then in the sequence the messages with that action are stored in.

If you look at my screenies you’ll see msg 1 and msg 2 are both set to position 1.

Helps to understand this, particularly the table - it shows what action types can coexist (or not) with others: Action Type List

Oh, thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t notice that. I’m applying your suggestions now…


No, because the ‘set toggle’ command disengages all presets but the one he is currently on! Have a look at the checkboxes.

No, there is no ‘midi rational’, because the ‘set toggle’ command isn’t a midi command. It’s a command that only has an effect on the MC, just like ‘bank jump’ or ‘toggle page’.

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And it works! I never doubted your solution, only my execution. That last bit helped.

And the hierarchical sequence makes more sense than numeric.

Learning the “order of operations” is essential in math. So it would be nice to have a chart of “hierarchies” for the MCx . James?

Thanks again, Moley6knipe!!!

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There is a chart of that somewhere in the knowledge base

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No problem! Glad it’s working. For me, I’ve got in the habit of storing messages in the same sequence within a preset.

I always put my position 1 “turn stuff on” messages first.

Then the disengage toggle message (I recommend getting into the habit of doing this rather than just using the controller’s global setting for disengaging a toggle when another switch is pressed… you WILL end up wanting both “exclusive” and “additive” presets at some point!)

Then my position 2 “turn stuff off” messages .

Then my ‘both positions’ stuff.

Also - I only program this sort of “multi action” switch on F and L in my MC6 (ie top right switch). If it’s another preset like a, b etc I just use Press actions for the position 1 and 2 stuff and obvs don’t have the “both” bank jump messages for presets a, b etc

You’ll also want to think about your “Remember Toggle States” setting if you’re jumping between banks:

Yes, thanks, again for the help. I only wish there was a way to “tip” / “buy coffee” for those of you who are so willing to share your knowledge and expertise. I have benefited by reading the posts of all above respondents to this topic. You are all frequent contributors to this forum and I—and I am confident, others–value your selfless sharing of expertise.

Standing on my chair applauding,

Your fan,


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Aw shucks! What an excellent forum this is. The controller does take some getting used to but it’ll become second nature.

Just work out your strategy and test it to death across a couple of banks before you populate all 30 banks! Been there, got it wrong, did it all again!