Iridium Volume Control

I’ve been working at trying to control volume between presets. I’ve got 3 presets each of the three amp models, from clean to overdriven. The Clean channel is the basis for each preset. The second preset is Crunch, and the third preset is overdriven. Each preset gets slightly louder.

In my search I had found an idea to use CC to maintain the Expression pedal setting: On Press, send CC #7 to Midi Channel #12 (Iridium), via Expression 1, Use Value From Expression. I’ve tried a few different CC#'s - 7, 100, and 12: 7 is set to Volume Pedal, 100 is set to Expression, 12 is set to Level.

From what I understand you can adjust the output by simply moving the Level control while a preset is engaged, but it does not carry over to the next preset. Theoretically the above ‘fix’ should allow you to set a volume base, then switch presets and have it stay at that fixed level, ie. 68%. In practice, it doesn’t work.

I’ve tried setting the MIDI Expression setting to MIDI STD, and Midi Tip - both seem to work with all other PC changes.

Using the Morningstar MC6 Mk II, I have Exp 2 going to the Iridium using a TRS cable, with the GROUND cut on the Iridium side due to their lack of following the Midi Standard. Exp 1 has an expression pedal via TRS. The simple Volume commands are being received, so it’s not a communications issue, but rather a command issue - not the right CC, or some other innocuous problem that I can’t identify.

I wish I could identify the source of the initial code idea…

Any help is appreciated!