IRidium and MS6

Struggling with something that should not be so complicated on the MS6 when ‘talking’ to the IRidium:

Is there a way to ACTIVATE a PC and have the Morningstar BLINK when that preset is ACTIVE with the Shortname or the alternate when it is set to TOGGLE ON and NOT when you select any other presets? I can make it blink, but if I hit another switch, that one is still blinking and NOT active!

I’m using the TOGGLE function to send two different PC changes, with SHORTNAME showing up when it is first activated, and the other name when it is Position 2. It’s oddly setup so that the first PRESS activates my default settings, and 2nd PRESS activates the alternate setting, so I simply swapped names, but it’s counter-intuitive, and the BLINKING was to help visually understand WHICH preset is actually on!

In Bank settings, try:

Clear Preset Toggles

The Clear Preset Toggles function, if turned on, will clear the toggle positions of all the presets in the Bank, except the last engaged Preset. This is useful if you want to have only one Preset blinking or Toggle name displayed at any one time to show what was the last engaged Preset.

This is the ‘brute force’ approach. You can also use set toggle messages in each preset to do this on selected presets if a global approach doesn’t work in all cases


Thanks, I’ll try that. I think I did the option you mentioned about clearing each one individually, but never tried CLEAR ALL.

So, I was NOT in the right spot - I was trying to do it in the individual Presets, vs. EDIT BANK (SETTINGS) menu! Works great, thank you!