iOS App Available

Our iOS App just got approved. The mobile app won’t be as fully featured as the desktop app but it’s still great for quick edits. Connection is the same via bluetooth (WIDI) or camera USB adaptor.

Will be adding more features as we optimise for mobile.


Fantastic news and really appreciated.

Need to work on the App logo though :grinning: #firstworldproblems

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Can’t wait for Android!

For Android, just access the mobile app via this URL in Chrome.

It’ll be exactly the same


Lol, this is awesome!

I was literally just trying to figure out a roundabout way of using the internet editor on my iPad.

Thanks so much!

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Well if that isnt handy.

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We’re working on it :joy:

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for the iphone connection, is it just using that ‘lightning to USB Camera adapter’ dongle?

Needs iOS15… damned!

actually I think we can change that setting to a lower requirement. Let me try and see, probably takes 24-48 hours for apple to approve

Yes, either that, or use a bluetooth dongle like the CME WIDI Jack

The new app works like a charm!

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Loving the app so far!

One question, how do you clear on the app? I’ve tried double tap, and tap and hold, but neither of those work. Thanks!

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Looks like double tap doesn’t work on mobile. I have just changed it to a single click for mobile.


Thanks! Really like the iOS editor. Prior to it I found iPad options were unstable for editing and so I would have to borrow a computer then edit the MC6, then plug it back into my IOS rig which was very tiring.

Now I can just switch between apps and make adjustments so fast. Thanks🙏🏽

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Good news ! Thank you Morningstar group.

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Trying to figure out the most space-efficient way to make my MC3 Bluetoothy because it’s really crammed in there on my board. What’s the smallest right-angle din5 cable out there? Or is there a right-angle USB B cable out there that’s even smaller? I have about 1/2" of space between my MC3 and the pedal above it.

Does the Widi Uhost work with the app? I can access the app, see all my controller settings but it doesn’t seem to save changes when pressing save preset

there’s a bug in the widi host firmware which is preventing it from working. CME said they’re releasing an update soon, supposedly today but no news yet

WIDI UHost now works with the newest firmware - Yea!

But I have a question –

In the iOS app, how can I change the current preset? I haven’t found a way to do it other than stepping on the footswitch that I want to view/edit. It would great if tapping on the preset at the top of the screen provided a drop down list (same for banks, although I do see the Bank Up and Bank Down links).

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