Insert message function in editor

Hi @james - I’d find an “insert message(s)” function to be really handy in the Editor. Sometimes find myself having a rethink and needing e.g. a new message 1… I can create lower down and drag, or copy multi and paste to move things down but that’s a little slow if the preset messages are filling up!

It would be really handy in the Editor to be able to insert default 1, optionally many, messages above currently selected message. I assume some sort of logic would be needed to warn if any messages <> “empty, blank, not set” at the bottom of the list would be ‘bumped off’ by insertion.


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Hi! There is this function added recently:

You can copy the messages (single or multiple if you enable the Copy Muiltiple Messages function) and then use this to insert the messages in.


Ah! I’d missed that, just the thing!

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