[Info] Desktop Editor vs Web App

Desktop Editor

Desktop Editors are not updatable. So if there is an update on the Editor, we need to publish a new version and you’ll need to download it. Updates always come slower for the Desktop Editor.

The new v3.9 firmware will not work with previous versions of the editor, so you’ll need to re-download the latest desktop editor version.

Web Editor

Can be used in a number of browsers (not only Chrome. Opera and Brave will work as well). Latest editor will always be found at https://editor.morningstar.io/. When we push updates to the web editor, the web editor will inform you that a new editor version is available, and refreshing the page will load the new version.

There are also links to the editors for older firmwares (at the bottom of the editor) if you have not updated to the latest yet.

Progressive Web App for offline use

Since Editor v1.2, we added Progressive Web App capabilities to the editor, which means that you can install it as an App in your computer. One example is as a Chrome App.

For those who do not want to use Chrome (privacy or performance reasons or whatever), I just tested it in Brave browser ( and it can be installed as an Brave App there also, which means you can access it Offline.