Indication which preset I´m on

Thanks. The reason why Preset E and F do not toggle back to position 1 when they are in position 2 is because the Toggle Preset message type is set to Pos: 1, which means that it will only engage when the preset is in position1. You’ll need to change this to Pos: Both.

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Hi James, I just did what you suggested but it will just not do what it should… only on switches E and F, only on Bank 7 and 8, NOT on my other banks…

Just to be clear, can you re-send your latest backup file with the edits you have made?

The preset will toggle after making the changes I listed above - tested it on my MC6 PRO.

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I´ll send the file asap.
Thanks so far!

Hi James,
Here´s the Bank preset
Morningstar_MC6PRO_Bank_Backup_BREEZE Songs_20230904_161049.json (88.9 KB)

james james james!!!
I figured the problem out … By myself! Yeeehaa!
It wasnt Msg 3/Press/Toggle Preset/Both
It was Msg 2/On Disengange… Here I didn´t change the dedicated Footswitch!
NOW it works
Thanks anyway for your help.
And just ignore the previous post with the bank!

thanks for the update. glad to know it is resolved.

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I’m going to wade into this here because I think I have something similar, but not the same. I’ve figured out the color strips. But what I’m trying to accomplish is perhaps a bit more complex. I’m using an ES-8 to control the MC6Pro and HX stomp. The MC buttons ABC I’m using as toggle on/off extra effects buttons for the HX, and DEF are for screenshots ABC on Stomp as well. I figured out how to, when I push D, it turns off E or F, or any combination thereof and I think I’m doing that correctly (push e, D and F turn off, push f, d and e turn off). The only weirdness will occur if I hit any of the screenshots twice, then the color strip turns off which isn’t preferable, i’d rather you just hit those individual ones and the color always stays on no matter if I push it once or twice. That’s problem number one.
Problem two is, I use the ES-8 to change banks on the MC6P. if for some reason, I’ve engaged A, B, or C previously, when I switch to another preset on the ES8 that may use the same bank on the MC6P, the previous button is still engaged. What I’d like to be able to do is have that button cleared out to a “normal” state, the state each individual patch on the es8 is supposed to be at, a ground zero, if you will. And I can’t seem to get this right. I thought sending CC#2 set toggle switches from the es8 on each patch might do it, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions, James on how to get this accomplished? it doesn’t seem to revert it to a zero state, but I am most likely doing something wrong or using the wrong functionality.

I think your presets are in ‘toggle mode’?
If so disable ‘toggle mode’ and add a message with ‘press’—‘toggle preset’—pos1’ to each of your presets.
This will prevent your presets from disengaging once they have been activated

There are multiple options to do this.
I think for your use case programming a ‘set toggle (disengage)’ to a spare preset and sending a CC to engage that preset might be the best way to go.
I’m not sure if sending a pc will reboot a bank if you are already on that bank the pc points to. In that case you’d need to add a delay between the pc and the cc. The es8 can’t do that, but what you can do is to programm the cc to trigger on the release of the button, which is effectively the same thing

@GuitarWolf I think if I change it off toggle mode, that will disable the function where if I hit that button, it clears out E &F etc in case those are on or any other combinations if I hit F or f clearing out the others respectively?
As to the set toggle, are you saying set it to say preset g on the MC Pro and from the ES8 have it trigger preset G as well? little confused on that.
And I think you might be on to something about if I’m in the bank it not resetting it correctly. It’s almost like I probably WOULD need a separate bank for each preset on the es8

My suggestion was to replace the toggle mode function, with a toggle preset message type on press in pos1. Thus the preset will only toggle if it is disengaged. Clear preset toggle or toggle reset groups aren’t affected by that.

‘As to the set toggle, are you saying set it to say preset g on the MC Pro and from the ES8 have it trigger preset G as well?’
No, if you program for example G with a set toggle + disengage message and check all boxes for the presets you want to have in pos1 (=disengaged) all you’d have to do is to send the PC and the CC# to trigger preset G. This should reset all presets you’ve chosen in the bank.

@GuitarWolf Right now, I have D,E,F set up this way, you’re seeing D. With E, D and F would be selected, with F, D and E. (forgive my ignorance on this it’s a tad confusing for me and I really appreciate the help) so I’m not exactly sure what to change here.
In my ES8, when I’m sending bank changes, what I’m doing to turn on and off the right lights on the MC per effect/scene I wan on as it’s native state, I’m using CC2 to turn ON the lights I want on per bank, and CC3 to turn OFF the lights that shouldn’t be on, is that right in the way I’m doing them?

Hmm, I think something is lost in translation here.
Would you mind to rephrase what you are trying to do? What I see on your screenshot doesn’t make sense to me.
I was under the impression, that you want to disengage all of your presets when changing banks on the hx and the mc respectively.

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@GuitarWolf OK let me lay this out (the attached image above is what I’m referencing when I say see attached image)
Here’s what I’m doing. I’m using the MC to control the HX stomp’s effects and snapshots.

Buttons a-c are always for controlling effects, d-f are always used for turning on and off snapshots 1-3.

The banks on the MC6 and the presets on the HX are changed by the es-8, as well as CC’s being sent to each unit respectively.

Every preset on the es8 has a corresponding bank on the MC, because of issues I was encountering.

I have the snapshot buttons set up so that when I press one, it clears any messages/turned on indicators on the other two (see screenshot attached).

My ultimate goal would be and is ( I THINK i have it figured out, except for one last thig which is what we were discussing on FB) when I switch from Preset to preset on the ES8, or from snapshot to snapshot on the MC Pro, to have the channel bars on the MC light up correctly as to what effects are on in the base natural state of the original preset or snapshot (I know this can be tricky) or when I press a snap shot, if I press it twice accidentally, it doesn’t turn the light off of said snapshot (this is the one area I can’t quite seem to solve).

I have the ES sending these following CC’s and PC’s to do a number of things, as I will outlay here. If there’s a better way to do what I’m doing or wanting, please let me know.

I’ll follow the signal chain to try to be clear, I won’t really mention what the HX is doing because everything seems fine there.

All, all PC’s and CC’s are sent to MC from ES8 on midi channel 3, HX is on channel 1.

So for instance, bank one gets PC 1 from ES8.

I then send these CC’s, pretty much on every preset (with some differences if the HX needs to be on snapshot 1 or 2 or 3 in natural state)

CC2: 4, 5 (I’m not sure why this works but this seems to allow for the preset to be in snapshot 1 and clear presets E, F or whatever combination I want, if I wanted this on HX snapshot 2 I would have CC2: 3,5)

CC3: 0, 1, or 2 (depending on which effect light strip I want to be on) and 3 (depending if I want HX snapshot light 1, preset D on)

On the MC, for presets D,E,F, of each preset, I have the attached image set up for each respective button.

Is this the best way to set this up for my desires? Am I over complicating things or is this the way to make it work?

The last piece of the puzzle is like I mentioned, when you hit the snapshot button(s) twice, it clears the color strip but its still on the right snapshot. I would prefer if you hit it twice (maybe by accident) that it NEVER cleared that strip, it would only clear if you changed preset on the es8 to another preset with a different natural snapshot state, or if you on a particular bank switched to another snapshot manually, then naturally it would light up the correct color strip, as well as changing the right color strips for the effects turned on in that snapshot (i had this programmed correctly for effects, can’t remember how I did that atm haha).

Thanks and I look forward to the input/feedback

so you doing a lot of the work to sync your snapshots and effects on the hx with the mc’s toggle states by sending CCs via the es8.
This could be done mostly on the mc itself.
Key features to consider:
‘toggle reset groups’
‘set toggle’ message type
‘on enter’ bank messages
‘toggle preset’ message type
‘engage preset’ message type

To manage the toggle states of your snapshot presets I’d consider to group them in a ‘toggle reset group’. This will disengage the other two presets once a snapshot is engaged.
To group presets in a ‘toggle reset group’ simply load the preset in the editor and click the ‘toggle group’ button top right and scroll down the dropdown until you see ‘toggle reset group 1’ displayed.

Since you are going for a ‘one bank per es8 preset’ approach it would be possible to set the toggle states of your presets by bank messages.
Two options are available here:

  1. ‘set toggle’
    Go to ‘bank settings’ program a message with ‘on enter’ and ‘set toggle/engage’ and check the boxes for snapshots/fx block presets you’d like to be engaged by default when booting up a bank. This will only toggle the position of those presets without sending any messages that have been programmed to those presets.

  2. ‘engage preset’
    If you use ‘engage preset’ instead of ‘set toggle’, messages that have been programmed to that preset will be send in addition.

To prevent toggling of the preset if it is in ‘position2’ (=engaged) disable ‘toggle mode’ and program a message with ‘press’ + ‘toggle preset’ + ‘pos1’.
This will prevent the preset from toggling if it is already engaged when pressing the button.

‘clear preset toggles’ should be deactivated in the bank settings

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OK I will look into this! Looks like a fair amount of work but probably far easier than doing it all on the ES8. If all the above works (I’ll try it out on a sample preset) then I’ll just have to clear everything out of the ES8 CC wise I’m guessing?

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@James, is it possible to add the blink feature to the MC6 Pro, in addition to its different color scheme option? The color screen of the MC6 Pro isn’t great at certain angles and light and I’ve found that the current option for different colors is often hard to differentiate. A blinking option would make toggle states a LOT easier to see at a quick glance.

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Yes I’ve noticed certain colors I can’t see from the side as well. Plus being colorblind I also run into some issues but that’s my own problem haha

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@James, is it technically possible to add the blink feature to the MC6 Pro, in addition to its different color scheme option?

Sorry, I missed this.

What kind of color scheme do you have in mind?

Regarding the blinking, we don’t have any plans to add that yet due to certain technical reasons.