Increment Speed of a Long Press Scroll

What sets the increment speed of a scroll command? Is it customizable?

Do you mean the Long Press Scroll action? No its not customizable - each loop is about 100ms long. Are you looking for a longer or shorter duration?

Hi, James!

My 2 cents are “current duration for controlling volume/rhythm, etc; longer duration (slower) for scrolling through lists, like memory banks on a looper.” The current speed is doable, but one must be quick with the foot!.

Anyway, I didn’t initiate the inquiry, but I dealt with this yesterday while experimenting with using my expression pedal for scrolling through memory banks on my RC500. That may not be the best set up, that’s why I am “experimenting.”



Okay, I think I solved my problem. I’m using an expression pedal to scroll through memory presets on my RC500 looper. The only “Action” I could use for the RC 500 (well, at least as I have determined so far) is a “Long Press Scroll” with a “Type” “Scroll Up” or “Scroll Down.” In this setting the memory banks just fly by with a long press. It would require quite a bit of practice to develop the skill to land on exactly the right memory bank.

What I discovered, however, is I could edit the “long press time” under “controller settings” in the MORNINGSTAR MIDI Editor. This shortens the length of time one needs to press before the change begins. That change made moving between memory banks much more controllable.

Now, since this is a “global” command for my MC6, I’m not sure how it will affect other “Long Press” functions I’ve set up. You can get very close to a simple “press” timing, which might become confusing if you develop a lazy foot .

Anyway, I thought I’d pass that piece of info along in case its something that might help you with your concern.



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James, Yes, I mean the Long Press Scroll. I did use it for a tempo retard. Just had to time it up to get me from 200 to 160 over 3-4 beats. It worked okay. Made a Tempo 200 on C to switch back to original tempo. As crash said, it would also be nice if the bank switching was slowed down. If I press two at a time I usual go from bank 1 to 3. There may be a switch bouncing issue. (I would think Morningstar engineering have filtered that) The problem I initially see with trying to switch banks is that the foot covers the display and you can’t see the bank number until you lift the foot. I know this is a bit off-topic but it has to do with scroll and button press repeat timing.

There is a setting to slow down the bank change under Controller Settings >> General Config >> Bank Change Delay Time. So if it’s too fast, just increase the delay there to suit you. Do let me know how it works for you.


Thanks James. Looks like I was also mistaken about the bank display being covered by the foot. With the change set to 500 it reacts much better and I can see the bank # for B on the left and # for A on the right. Nice! Also found all the Global Settings definitions in the User Manual pdf.