Im new to MIDI Advice Please

Im new to MIDI. Never used it for guitar pedals. I just got the MC8.
I have seen TONS of videos on this controller. I have seen many videos recommended on how people use these boads.
I need MIDI 101…
trying to connect my MOOD to an omniport
Do i need to switch out the jumpers? Or is the latest firmware handle that?
Someone told me to select RING on the editor device in configuration for omniports…I dont see that in the editor and I’m using Chrome…

advice? any fun things to try out with the mood?


HI Oddkinn !

I think you just need to go on the web Editor then “Controller Setting” :

  • Configure Omniport & Select “Midi Out Ring Active” on the Omniport connected to the MOOD !
    Be sure to use TRS cable !
    Tell me if that work ^^