Ideas on WIDI Uhost setup

Here’s my current setup:

MC8 Midi Out - ML10X Midi In - ML10X Midi Out - BigSky Midi In - BigSky Midi Out - Timeline Midi In - Timeline Midi Out - MC8 Midi In

Additionally, I have the usb ports from the MC8 and ML10x connected to a small hub, which then connects (via a long USB cable) to my PC. I am able to access both editors with no problems at all. Nixie2 is working for both Strymon devices as well via the MC8.

Ideally, I’d like to get rid of the USB cable and do everything via bluetooth. If I get a WIDI Uhost, for example, can I just connect the MC8 to the Uhost via usb, pair it with the PC end, and retain all of the aforementioned functionality? Or will I need to connect the ML10x to a Uhost as well?


Should work.

The only gotchas would be if the USB hub is compatible. Some are known to have issues (I think it’s the hubs that have extra features like hdmi, sdcard, and/or ethernet).

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