Ideas for more external app control via sysex api

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A sysex to display a message on the MC6 display would be useful.

Ideally there is a choice for the message to go away after a configurable delay. If another message is received for display before the timeout, update the display with the new message and restart the timer.

Thanks for the suggestion. That is possible- I’m just curious on the use case. What kind of message you are thinking of showing, and is there an app you are planning to use to send those SysEx messages?

It’s a custom app I built to control the Atomic Amplifire via USB. It runs on a headless pi, so a way to display a message on the Morningstar would be nice.

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@james. As a workaround could I change the bank name or change the long or short preset name to display a message?

If I update the Bank Name via sysex will that cause the bank name to be displayed (temporarily) on the MC6 … or does that only display when changing banks?

I would change the bank name, and then change it back after the message is displayed (with bonus points for not triggering the display of the bank name this second time!)

I assume that leaving Opcode 4 (save to memory) at 0 will mean the change will revert at power off (or is it bank change)?

I’m imaging a world where a single device provides most of your controls/displays across all your audio pedals.

This means that pedals could be smaller, cheaper, more flexible, and moved off the front/top of your

This is pretty grand thinking; it’s hard to imagine this taking off/becoming a standard for many reasons. In the meantime, it serves a purpose for the small developers/DIY.

Yes that is possible. Sending that SysEx string to update the names will temporary override the preset/bank name. However, the Bank name won’t be shown when you use op2: 10h, so the temporary override function for the bank name is redundant.

I’ll look in to adding a display function in the next minor update (v3.9.4). Ideally, other devices without a display can utilise the MC3/6/8 display via this API by sending data to the MIDI IN port.

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Might be nice to merge/link the sysex documentation with the standard MIDI documentation. I could not find this and had to come back to this thread to find the location!