(Idea) Using MC6 to "gather" presets

…so, i i have my MC6 set up at present in banks of “presets per pedal” with one “home bank” to reach each of the “per pedal” banks. All banks use the same combo to jump back to the home (C-F switches together).

Now i want to work on adding banks with interesting combinations of presets and CCs, exp destinations that make a bit more use of the MC6 ability to send 16 messages at once and it occurred to me that there might be ways in which the MC6 could ease this work.

I’ll try and explain how this might work, this is not a fully thought out idea, i’m just airing it to see if it sparks something.

Imagine you are trying out pedal combinations - you turn on your reverb at preset 12 and phaser at preset 4 and then you turn on your drive at preset 1, no 3, no 5, ah 5 is the right one!, now you change preset on phaser to 7 and everything is just what you want. You’re now going to want to make assign [reverb 12, phase 7 and drive 5] to some button on the MC6…but after messing around with phaser and drive do you even remember what you selected for the reverb? and this is a very simplified “sound creation” example.

Imagine if, instead, you consulted the history of presses on the MC6…you’d have the information you needed but you’d have to go over it fairly carefully to distinguish between destructive settings (mostly PC) and additive settings (mostly CC).

Specifically i wonder if it could be useful to sort of say to the MC6 - “keep track of the state of the pedals from until and then make available the final state in the web editor”. or even - save that set of changes on Footswitch X on Bank Y.

d’you see where i’m going with this? does it sound useful? feasible?

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This sounds very usable to me. Great idea!

  1. Let the midi monitor have a filter by channel option (maybe having tic boxes, 1-16)
  2. a “display X msgs per channel” selector, where you select how many messages, starting from the last, to show.

This should be rather easy to implement!

For the saving presets part, I can’t immediately see how this could be resolved, but I bet the gurus know :star_struck:

Great idea!
If everything was controlled via the MC6, that would be possible. The MC6 could possibly keep track of the last used PC message on each MIDI channel. But if you’re tweaking or changing presets on the devices itself, then there’s currently no way the MC6 would know what preset you changed to. Maybe once more devices adopt MIDI 2.0?

Yeah, it’d definitely be limited to things you can already control from the MC6. But that’s not nothing!

At the very least it would get you in the ball park when you then sit down with (in my case) laptop, Morningstar MIDI Editor and Elliot Garbis’ excellent CBA and Meris MIDI editors.

I believe this is related to the thread above.

This is a great video by Mark Johnston. Very helpful. Does anyone know how he uses the bottom right switch to go back to ‘Home’. I would like to do something similar, but can’t seem to find the command to get back to the so called Home. I would place Home on the bottom right page of every bank and it would take me ideally back to a main menu quickly. The Main menu may be switches categorized by type and each type leads to a page or bank with presets of that variant. I suppose it could also be use for a song list or anything else. But I’ve tried a few commands, ie, jump to Bank 1, but not working. Any ideas?

In the bank jump command, there is a toggle option to go back to the last used bank instead of a preselected bank number. That would achieve what you want.
Keep in mind if you use banks as menus and do 2 jumps (ex. Going into a sub menu of a menu). Then that toggle is only going to go back one jump and not to the beginning.

Also, as always to be reminded…be sure you have exited Edit Mode before testing bank jumps or they won’t work.

Thanks. I may have been in Edit mode.

but I was thinking that last used bank would not take me back to Bank 1 necessarily which is where i’d always want to go in this case.

Then you just need to set Bank 1 as your Bank Jump Destination and leave Last Used Bank untoggled. I use numerous menu banks too and use a little of both of these.

Along this same line of thinking, what about being able to save a list of midi messages from the monitor and assign it to a preset so it could be replayed. That way if you start at a default point then a list of messages could be replayed to get where you want to go. Similar to the way a preset works now but run from a saved list which could be from a number of banks? Does that make any sense?