I rebuild my pedalboard around the ML10X

Description with a lot of pictures here → François Georgy - My pedalboard


Wow, great job all around. Thanks for sharing

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Impressive, have you tried the ML10X in an amp FX loop with higher input levels than in front of amp ?

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Your wiring looks great! Good job.

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Thanks! But I still think it’s not really that good. But it’s secure and noise-free.

Thank you!

No, I havn’t tried the ML10X in a real amp’s fx loop. Maybe in the future, but I don’t have a real amp at home at the moment.

That said, I think the ML10X will handle hot signals (up to 3.5V peak-to-peak (4dBu) and maybe more) without any problem.

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If you are using multiple MIDI controlled devices, look into the RetroKits RK006 (vs your Kensington) and if your device has 5-pin DIN MIDI, check out the RetroKits DIN-to-1/8” (or 3.5mil for the Euros) converters. So small, super powerful, integrates USB MIDI and an all-around space saver. And lastly…get a Morningstar MIDI footcontroller and sell your Nectar💩. You have probably seen the video where they show us how well they integrate. Criticisms aside, what a badas5 board. You deserve a round of applause. Thanks for sharing.