I’m hoping a Customizable background indicator!

Currently, Exp pedal’s position is displayed on the 3rd screen, which is over the bank & page indicator.

  1. I think it will be better that there’s a feature that users can set utility(such as Exp position display) functions in places he/she wants. In my case, I set the first and second background screens empty because I don’t need a Current preset indicator and bank names. So my ideal usage is displaying the Exp position only(it will be twice as bigger compared to now) on one screen.

  2. If the desired feature I’m going to describe next is implemented, I’m okay with the suggestion I made at the beginning not being implemented.

I connected my mc6 pro with my iPad with the cable, but I ended up not finding the exp position display on the editor. Is there a way to display it? If not, I wish there was!

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Ideally there’s a setting for each area of the display that can be edited. That text could contain special values like /exp which would display the value (expression level) in that format text.

What…? Can you explain it more precisely?

For example. it would be great to configure something like “Bank %B Exp %E\%” which would cause the display to show “Bank 10 Exp 30%”.

Just an idea.