I can't control my MC6 MKii with a different midi controller - Solved!

I was trying to use another midi controller to choose presets on the MC6, I can’t get it to work.
I can change banks on the MC6, but when I try to engage a preset which is supposed to respond to CC’s 10-21, value 1 for a press. All that happens is full preset name is displayed, but the preset itself does not engage. Any thoughts?

Have you checked the MIDI Monitor to see what happens when you engage the target preset? Also, it might be helpful to post a photo of said target preset.

Thanks for the response, the midi monitor doesn’t track incoming midi messages, I tried a second midi controller, so the first one is not defective, both midi controllers can change banks but not choose presets. The manual says it is supported, but it doesn’t work at all for me. It’s not one particular preset, it’s all my presets, with many common functions, I can’t operate any of them remotely.

what firmware are you running on your MC6? I don’t think there’s any bug related to that but I can test on my end

Thanks James, it’s 3.9.6 - should be the current version.

Hi James, Just an FYI, I downloaded and installed the previous firmware - 3.9.5
It also doesn’t work. I guess it’s not very common to daisy chain Midi controllers, maybe the feature fell through the cracks… Or I’m doing something wrong. Please let me know. Thanks!

PS any update on the Pro Series?

I am controlling a first MC8 with a second one and have not noticed any pb changing banks and engaging presets. I use USB, not DIN.
Recently I added 2 more small controllers to paginate and jump to banks + jump to last used bank, still USB and it works perfectly.
May be I don’t understand your problem ?

I figured it out on my own… I was sending only a press, I needed to also send a release.
It’s weird, that it takes 2 messages to represent a press, but I have some other gear that requires the same 2 messages. Anyway, problem solved, thanks for your response!

You don’t need 2 messages.
Depending on your preset content, send the type of pression you need, and the messages registered with this type of pression will be triggered.
If your preset is built with messages reacting to Release, only send release.


Thanks, CSurieux, you made me take a closer look at my presets, and found I had made some errors on my presets which went unnoticed because in first position, the MC6 worked as required. However the errors I made in programming caused these issues once I started using a different controller in first place. Anyway, I appreciate your help. It got it all working with single messages now. Cheers!