HX Stomp won't change banks on MC6

Hi, Newbie to MIDI, I’m having an issue trying to get my HX Stomp to changes the banks on my MC6.
I’ve watched the Morningstar tutorial on two-way communication and everything is set up correctly,
I’ve checked the cables and every other setting I thought relevant, still no joy.
With the cables connected (Ins and outs) my stomp stalls on the open bank, so when I change the bank using the top knob it immediately jumps back to the bank I started on, it also jumps back to a specific bank whenever I try to change banks using the MC6 in this case always jumps back to bank 41.
I made sure the MIDI thru on the stomp is off, but there does seem to be some kind of loop it’s getting stuck in.
Anyone else had this issue or have a suggestion?
The software is all up to date (not Beta).
Thanks in advance.

Did you turn off the MIDI Thru on the MC6 as well? You’ll need to turn it off

Hi James,
Did both of these, I have managed to get it to work but only for a few seconds, i was scrolling through but after about 4 presets it reverted back to the start bank & got caught in a loop again.
I have set up my MC6 to open banks on the Stomp by assigning pages.
Do you think that could a problem?


I am also having same issue on MC8. Specifically, this started when I attempted to get MC8 to sent PC message on Bank Enter. I set Bank 1 to sent PC # 1 on Enter, Bank 2 to sent PC #2 etc. I entered PC #s 1 thru 12 for HX Stomp banks 001 thru 012. When I turn the top knob of stomp to change presets, regardless of selection returns to Preset 012 and sets MC8 bank to 13. I can then bank down to MC bank 12 but next MC 8 bank down command causes stomp to stay at 012 and mc8 to return to 13.
If I set an MC8 button to emulate FS4 and FS5, I can get Stomp and MC8 to bank in sync, but have run into instances where Stomp presets are not in sync with MC8 banks, so I was hoping to use Bank messages instead of FS4/5 emulation so that I could use FS4 & 5 for footswitch mode, and have each MC8 bank send Bank PC messages to the Stomp and change.
I just started playing with this setting tonight - I’ll keep working on it and if I find the fix will repost here.

So, I continue to add PC#s on bank enter, Bank 1 = PC1 ghru Bank 30 = PC 30 on enter (in order to do it , HX Stomp is off) - once I turn stomp on it now auto scrolls to preset 30, so this loop will auto scroll to highest PC#