HX Stomp with MC6 Use MC6 like Helix 3 Patches on top, 3 snapshots below

How can I do this?

I want to use 2 of the 3 switches on the stomp to scroll up/down through patches

I want the MC6 to display 3 current 3 patches on top row, then the 3 snapshots below, like Helix shows 4 patches on top row and 4 snapshots below.

Hard to find instructions that explain this.

You get this figured out? I added an expression pedal and one more switch to the Stomp, so I use FS3 and FS5 (external switch). Those are my up and down. That leaves me two switches and then everything on my MC6. Just set those switches as you need them! Great idea to use the switches for snapshots.