HX Stomp Presets / MC6 Banks

Hello. I just got my MC6 and I’m super excited. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos and reading blogs, manuals and forums.

It’s a little overwhelming but I think I’m getting there. Now, my biggest question here is in regards with the MIDI two-way communication between the HX Stomp and MC6.

What’s the best programming set up here?

Question #1: what’s my best option: HXS controllling MC6 or viceversa: MC6 controlling HXS? I think I’m leaning toward the second…

Currently I have Bank 1 on MC6 as my “main menu” or what I call “Home”, basically to move between my presets in the HX Stomp. Here’s my current Bank 1:

D: FS5: Up E: Tuner F: Tap Tempo
A: FS4: Down B: (blank) C: Mode (snapshot, stomp, scroll) (press, long press, double press respectively)

After programming that, I programmed Bank 2, to control one of my HX Stomp’s presents (1) Basically I assigned different effects to each stomp (A,B,C,D and E) and left F to go back Home (Bank 1).

Now, I’m thinking in programming each bank (starting on 3-30) to enter a different preset (HX) and assigning blocks accordingly, always leaving F, to go back home.

Is this a good idea?

Right now I’m having some kind of an issue: when I change presets on HX Stomp (0 to 29), it automatically changes banks in the MC6 (1-30). It’s an issue because I want it to be exactly the opposite. It is also an issue because my Bank 1 (home) is “directly related” to Preset 0 on HXS. Maybe this will be resolved after I finish programming every bank? Still, can I “unassign” preset on Bank 1? I would prefer that Bank 1 was “preset-less”, if possible.

What I’m planning to do is mainly relying on MC6 Banks to control HXS’s presets. I could navigate between Banks and having different tones out of my HXS, while being able to bypass blocks on both devices. Does this makes any sense or should I do it backwards?

Now my last question is: I will be only using 29 presets (as one is reserved for Home), because is the actual capacity of the MC6 banks? I mean, it’s not really a problem because is more than I need, but just want to know exactly my limitations.

I’m not sure if I express myself correctly.

Eager to hear your opinions, thank you so much!

Jorge Rangel
Houston, TX, USA

Without getting to much into it, the easiest solution is to unplug the midi out cable from the stomp and leave only the midi in (coming from the MC6). This way you control the stomp from the MC6 but the stomp cannot control the MC6.

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The HX Stomp sends a MIDI Program Change every time the preset is changed by default unplugging the cable will work but then you can’t send midi command from control centre which you might want to die at since stage. You can turn off MIDI PC Send (Tx) on the HX Stomp. Global Settings->Midi/Tempo/MIDI PC Send (Tx)

This setup doesn’t appeal to me because you lose the midi in on the MC6, and I link all of my midi gear to another guitar player setup…a closed system. @psweetie11, have you used the control center commands from the Stomp? That’s an extra level of programming beyond me for the moment. I thought all of those commands were for downstream devices from the Stomp (which you can’t have with both in and out taken…maybe I am missing something?)

But I think that @Saf2547 is right, just use the Mc6 bank presets to change the Stomp banks when you scroll. I have an expression pedal and a small 3 button switch connected to the Mc6. Those three buttons let me scroll up and down, and then toggle the bank pages on the Mc6. Then there is no need at all for double pressing or for using switches to move up and down (bank jumps are good though). I like doing experimental stuff, so I want all the switches I can hold on to.