HX stomp, MIDI pedals, MacbookPro simultaneously

I am planning to control my hxstomp, jackson audio asabi, jackson audio broken arrow, walrus audio R1, and my Mac(ableton) at the same time. Then I could send my guitar and my mac to the mixer separately and play guitar while also cue in backing tracks at the same time.
Setting would be -

  1. MC8 Omniport1 → HXstomp MIDI In → HXstomp MIDI Out → Walrus R1 MIDI In
  2. MC8 Omniport2 → Asabi MIDI In
  3. MC8 Omniport3 → Broken Arrow MIDI In
  4. MC8 MIDI In Out (WIDI) → Macbook Pro via bluetooth & audio interface to mixer

For example I could have one button as Chorus which could do this simultaneously in theory

  1. Play Chorus backing track with ableton
  2. Choose Broken Arrow(always on) Preset Green & Gain Cycle 2
  3. Turn on Asabi Preset Purple & Gain Cycle 4
  4. Choose TURN OFF Delay block 1 and TURN ON Delay block 2 and 3 in HXstomp
  5. Choose Preset 3 in Walrus Audio R1 (always on)

Then I could map everything accordingly like this:
A= Intro
B=Verse 1
D=Verse 2
H=Tap Tempo/Tuner

Will this setup work? (also the WIDI setup?)

I hadn’t considered the idea of having different buttons for different parts of a song. Interesting concept. Just make sure everything is on its own midi channel. You might have to set the stomp as midi thru. If ableton is able to start a specific part of a song from a midi message, then it should all work. Everything else you mention is pretty standard for what folks are doing on the morningstar devices.

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