HX Stomp - MC6 Two Way PC Messages Loop to Preset 1 thru 30 on HX Stomp

Hi All,

I’m Fairly new so forgive me if this has already been discussed, BUT I found an interesting bug when using HX Stomp with MC6 and doing Two Way Midi Communication. I have my MC6 set up to switch presets on the HX Stomp with Bank Changes on the MC6 and visa versa. So if I select Bank 1 in the MC6 it automatically puts me in preset 000 on the HX, If I select Preset 029 on the HX Stomp it automatically puts me in Bank 30 on the MC6. Which is great for presets 000 thru 029, HOWEVER…

If I am in preset 029 and select a higher preset in the HX like 030, somehow the two way midi comms reverts me back to 029 and I can’t go past 029, similarly if I’m in preset 000 and scroll to preset 125 I get reverted to preset 000.

What I believe is going on is this, When MC6 receives a PC message outside of its 30 banks (0 thru 29) it reverts to its current bank and therefore trigger whatever midi command you’ve to happen on entering that bank. Example, If you’re in Bank 7 on MC and Preset 006 on HX and you scroll quickly through HX presets to 125, MC will receive PC message 125, not know where to go with it and revert to where it was (Bank 7) and trigger the midi commands for entering the bank (PC 006), HX will then receive PC 006 from MC and go to preset 006 as it is being told by the MC controller.

The only way I can see this not happening is if there is a way to tell MC6 to ignore PC messages above PC029 (PC030 onwards), for now I just have to unplug the midi in on the MC6 when programming HX presets beyond 029.

If anyone knows another way to fix this please let me know.

Do you have each device assigned to a separate individual midi channel? And do you have Midi Thru turn on either or both devices? Depending on your midi wiring setup, Turning off Midi Thru on both might be the solution if it is some sort of looping issuing.

Sending a PC message above the Bank number limit (i.e. PC#30 and above) does trigger the bank events for the current bank. This is a bug - will resolve in the next minor update.

Thanks for reporting this!

Hola, ha salido alguna solucion para los preset mayores al 30 ?