HX Stomp in chain

Hi all,

I’m a new MC6 user and love it. At present, I use the MC6 to control my Boss RC500 looper however I am thinking of buying an HX Stomp to replace a number of pedals and to use the various output options on the Stomp eg balanced out, digital interface and headphones.

Wanted to pick the brains of other Stomp users here please:

  • What is the best way to control both the Stomp and the Boss? I currently use exp1 set to midi out to the Boss. Can I use the 5 pin Midi simultaneously to the Stomp or is is better to set one of the boxes to midi through and daisy chain them?

  • not an MC6 question but is it feasible to use the Stomp as the guitar input, have some other pedals and the RC500 in an always on effects loop and route this back to the Stomp as the output device also? Will this impact anything else (eg take up one of the effects blocks etc)? Would this routing cause any issues for the RC500 xlr vocals?

  • I run two mono effects (Fender Smolder and Boss OC5) which I intend to keep so I am guessing I would need to run these before the Somp so I can then go stereo out/in on the effects loop.

  • can the MC6 be used to set delay divisions in the Stomp? I wanted to have an MC6 delay bank to include the ability to change to dotted eighth delay.

  • Any other advice or tips from people who use both devices?

I would great appreciate any input from other users before pulling the trigger on a Stomp!

Hey @Saf2547, did you buy the Stomp? I use the MC6, the Stomp and the RC505. I also have a beatbuddy, boomerang looper and the RV500, all with midi. So I bought a midi splitter. Maybe the Boss would be more sensitive to any latency because you are looping, so put it above the Stomp in a midi chain. Again, I don’t have the problem because I bought the AmpTone midi splitter (did not like the Quadra Solutions version).

Next, I’m sure you could put the RC500 in the effects loop. It’s a cool idea. The experts also say this is great for the sake of the direct output to DAW/recording. It takes one stereo effects block and a TRS cable for the out (but separate TS input cables). Vocals …that’s another issue. Can you keep the vocals separate from the guitar or route the loops separately? Then you also get the drums in there. Keep in mind that the Stomp looper is not midi so forget trying to get that lined up with any other looper.

Mono effects - there is one other issue. The effects loop has to be placed in your signal chain and the downstream blocks would all have to be stereo. So if you put the effects loop before your amp, then you automatically lose stereo. Yes, you could create a left and right channel but then you have to use two amps and its not worth the hassle and the DSP (for every single patch!). As long as your loop block would come almost at the end (maybe before a beautiful reverb), then you’ve got no problem. To your question, put the mono effects first or put them first in the effects loop. It’s really easy to create a midi expression to pan right or left (either on the effects loop or the output setting). Then you maximize your stereo sound on the Boss.

Delay divisions - the Stomp will allow you to choose one delay division which you can change to ONE other delay division. Or you could have an expression pedal to sweep from 1/32 up to whole notes…but that’s useless except for weird effects. Stomp midi is great, but this is a limitation. I wanted to be able to choose any note with the push of a button, so I went with the Nemesis (each division has a corresponding CC). It’s not a terrible limitation if you are happy with 2 divisions for the Stomp. Or have two identical banks on the Stomp and you get 2X2 divisions. If you’re a man of simplicity, Stomp has some great sounding delays. If you need excessive control over your delays, it might not be enough.

Still, Stomp + MC6 is a killer combo. The Stomp is compact, plenty powerful, excellent amp models in it, as it covers all of the basic pedals.

Wow, thanks for the great answer. Yes, I did end up getting the stomp and love it. I went with the mono effects running into the stomp and the having the effects loop (trs out to neunaber reverb—>rc500–>stereo return) as the second last block. Reason for second last is I have all my stomp effects as stereo, so my last block is a mono gain block set to 0dB. When I’m at home, this is switched off so I can play in stereo, when playing live I turn it on so the signal is converted to mono. I know the stomp is supposed to sum to mono if you only have a mono plug in the L output, but having the mono conversion in the signal chain just sounds better to my ears.

Haven’t tried changing delay division by midi yet - I’ll give it a go.

Sweet. Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like great gear, I love that Neunaber verb. And the Stomp!