Hx Stomp and MC6 Two-way communication

I’m really happy with the MC6 but I’m having a problem…
I am having problems with the two-way communication between the MC6 and an Hx Stomp.
I’ve seen your youtube video but I can’t get my device to work.
I’ve followed all the steps like you show in the video but still doesn’t change Bank on MC6 when I change on Hx Stomp, and I’ve already updated my MC6 to 3.8.3 version, and Hx Stomp to 3.0.

Can you help me with this?

Two things to remember:

  1. Both the MC6 and the HX Stomp need to be on the same MIDI channel (mine are set to channel 1)
  2. I was having issues following Morningstar video recommendations for synching Back switches between HXS and MC8. To work around this, I used the online editor to edit the Bank presets and set each bank to send the corresponding PC#.
    VERY IMPORTANT! MC8 starts with B01 and ends in B30. TO make it a little easier, I changed my readout so that my stomp goes from Bank 000 to Bank 125. This means that I can only synch banks 000 thru 029 with my MC8, a limitation that does not concern me. Remember, MC starts with Bank 1 but the corresponding HX bank is 000 and PC# 0. So MC Bank 1 = HX PC#0, MC Bank 02 = HX PC# 1 etc. I did this for every Bank preset on the MC. Yes, it was a little labor intensive, but now works flawlessly and I never run into a synch issue where I am in B02 on the MC but the Stomp is in a bank other than 001. If you find that choosing a bank on one device causes it to scroll to bank 029 (HX) B30 (MC), then it probably means your PC# value is one greater than it should be. Also, buy good MIDI cables. I got “One Control” cables for about $20 each, but now see that EBS also makes a flat MIDI cable where you can reverse the cable direction. The cheaper molded MIDI cables by Rockboard and others are not oriented correctly and you will have issues if you try to use them with an HX Stomp and an MC6 or 8.

Hello I have been having the same issues. I have it set correctly but no dice. One other thing I noticed is that when I bank up/down on the mc6, the hx stomp doesn’t respond. I checked my global settings a hundred times and loaded/reloaded firmware. I just got my mc6

If you want the stomp to change banks while banking up/down on the MC6, you need to program the Bank Presets on the MC6 to send a PC message to the stomp with an “On Enter” event. So when the bank changes, it will trigger a send for those PC messages which will change the preset on the stomp.

It’s documented in this part of the video: HX Stomp with MC6 MIDI Controller Part 2: Advanced Features - YouTube

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