HX One and PC messages

v3.71 of HX One Firmware, using an MC6-Pro in a large MIDI pedal board setup (8 strymon, digi whammy, eventide h9, ES-8. etc) strymon conduit+MC6-pro for MIDI distribution. The HX One seems to ignore 90% of the PC messages sent to it. CC messages work fine. I can set up a preset to send cc5 value 0 and then value 1 (toggle between home and preset view) and hit the toggle as quickly as I possibly can and the HX One will change screens perfectly. I can set up CC messages to adjust knob parameter 1, 2, and 3, and use counters to scroll their value from 0-127 and it works fine.

If I try to send ONE Pc message to the HX One, it almost never responds, but then occasionally does randomly. I’d say it’s between 20-30 messages sent. If I set up a PC Number scroll and a 0-127 counter, the device will change programs, but only every 20+ presets. If I hold down the mc6-pro button, it’ll jump between approx 20-30 out of the 127 presets in the device.

If I set the MC6-PRO to include a MIDI delay in the general settings, it makes no difference (I’ve tried 10ms and everything up to 50ms, the max it offers). I’ve created patches that send the same PC change 10 times with a 50ms delay between each one. And maybe once in awhile it’ll change, but mostly not.

And like I said, all CC interactions seem perfectly fine. I’m at a loss with this one, I have a line6 ticket open also but just wondering if anyone’s run into the PC message drops/delays on this hardware?

Can you check using the MIDI Monitor to see if there is any delay from when you press an MC6 PRO switch and when a PC message is sent?

I think this is a problem with the HX One. With mine, if I have a preset loaded and send a PC to engage any other preset, it seems to work every time. But if I send a PC for the preset that is already loaded and in the bypassed state, it only works sometimes. I sent a ticket to them too and they said they’re looking into it for the next update, but who knows when that will be.

Now that I think about it I wonder if you can send a dummy PC message (select one you never use), followed by a delay message, followed by the PC message for the preset you’re trying to activate. I haven’t tried this yet but I might test it out when I get a chance.

I’ll check again tonight but I did use the midi monitor during my initial testing and didn’t notice any delay at all, but I wasn’t specifically looking for a delay, just to confirm the message actually went. It seemed to send as quickly as any other message but will double check later.

Thanks for the response! I think you’re right, especially as it has no issue with any cc data I send to it, even fast counter based CCs to adjust the parameter knobs, it’s specific to PC messages from what I can tell.

I’m new to the unit but I can recreate the issue by turning the main knob on the HX One to any preset and sending a PC change message to it after that and it doesn’t seem to respond. As far as I know the preset is “engaged” when I turn that knob though, as I seem to be able to play the selected preset with my guitar no issue. I don’t have to press the left button on the HX One to select it.

That being said, I wonder if sending a cc=4 value=127 (in the HX one doc cc4 is the engage/disengage with 0 disengaging it and 127 engaging it) before a pc message on the mc6-pro if that’d help? In other words “force” the engage on whatever preset is selected then send the PC message. I’ll try it tonight and see! Line6 haven’t responded to me yet but I’m guessing I’ll get a similar response. Surprised at some basic MIDI issues with this unit as the HX line and company themselves have been doing this a long time.

I’ve tried sending CC=4 value=127 with a PC message and it still only works sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t work. I can’t figure out why. This is only when I send a PC message for a preset already loaded though.

As for scrolling through the presets on the HX One itself, the default mode is how you’re describing it. It’ll instantly load the preset as you scroll to it, but there’s another option so the preset will be queued and only loaded when you press the On and Tap switches at the same time, the home button, or the effect knob.

Ah too bad, thought I was on to something there! And yes what you’re describing is what I’m doing. I think it’s late 5 knob 1, preset instant or load and I have it set to instant.

At this point I’m not sure what else to try as I’m getting the inconsistency you are. It works sometimes but I’m not sure why. I’ll post Line6’s response to this thread in case there’s any more news. Looks like the last firmware update was back 4-5 months ago so perhaps there’s hope for a quick update as this pedal is of limited use to me without being able to consistently change presets! (Kind of an important part of a utility pedal like this…)

They’ve said the next HX updates will be sometime this summer so hopefully the HX One gets an update soon that fixes it. In the meantime, I might try that dummy PC message, delay, actual PC message thing and see if that works. So if I have Room Reverb already loaded on the pedal and it’s PC 1, and I want to just engage it with the PC message1 , I would send PC 116 (dummy number for some bass preamp preset), a delay message and then PC 1 for Room Reverb. That seems like it should work but who knows. I’ll try it out.

I think I’ve found a way to get it to consistantly switch to the correct PC. I’ve tried it about 20 times now and it seems to work every time. No MIDI delay needed.

In a preset on the morningstar, create a “Press” event with a CC. Use CC#5 with a value of “1”. This makes the pedal switch to the preset view. Immediately after that message, create a second message that contains the standard program change using any value for whatever program you want.

When you test it out, you should see the HX One’s display switch for a split second to the preset view and then immediately jump to the program number you selected. It seems to do this for me every time, so far. So other than a slightly annoying screen flicker as it jumps to preset view, and an extra message used in the preset on the morningstar, there’s not a big downside to this. I’ll keep testing but so far so good.

Awesome. I’ll have to try that out! Thanks for finding that.