HX Effects and MC8 Program changes

I watched a video by Jason Sadites on using the Helix Stomp with the MC8. I have a Helix Effects and wanted to change the presets on my Helix and then change the Bank on the MC8 like he showed in the video. It seemed easy with the Stomp. Press 01A on the Stomp and MC8 went to B01, Press 01B on the Helix and MC8 went to B02. Real simple with almost not effort. I can’t seem to get this 2 units to do this. Is this not an available feature on the HX effects vs the Stomp.

I have other ways of utilizing this midi controller but that seemed like a nice feature right off the start. Both units are on the same midi channel like in the video. I feel like I have all the right midi functions on in the units.

His discussion of relevance starts around 6:30

On the HXFX, go to Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo and make sure that the “MIDI PC Tx” setting is set to “MIDI Out.”

I have that set to MIDI. My options are OFF, MIDI, USB, BOTH. I’ve tried every combination.

I originally set up the MC8 to have snapshots on the bottom of B01 and Presets on top. This worked just fine but I realized I couldn’t rename the snapshots because every preset from the HXFX and there relative snapshots would be different. Unless I made every snap shot similar, like snapshot 1 is always some sort of clean sound, snapshot 2 rhythm, 3 lead. This is how I have it currently.

I might reset both units and try again from scratch. I can always redo what I’ve done above. Love the product though.

Unfortunately I still can’t make a Program change on the MC8 from the HXFX. Can anyone verify this. I simply want to press on Preset 1 on the HXFX and have the MC8 go to Bank1 ect…

Maybe my Helix is faulty and I need to return it. I can make all sorts of other changes from the MC8 to the Helix but I can’t change anything from the HXFX to the MC8. I have both devices on the same channel and midi send and receive are all on.

At the risk of asking a really stupid question: you have the HXFX MIDI Out connected to the MC8’s MIDI In, as well as vice-versa, correct?

(I just bought a USB MIDI interface from Amazon, and the reviews had several instances of people saying that they had to figure out that the interface’s MIDI In should connect to the device’s MIDI Out, and vice versa, so I’m trying not to take anyone’s level of MIDI knowledge for granted.)

Yes, I tried that.

Right now I have the MC8 into the HXFX into a Midi Controlled amplifier. This allows me to change the amp channels and settings. I even tried going from the MC8 into the HXFX into the Amp then back into the MC8, using the Amps midi thru. In this setup the MC8 and HXFX are on channel 2 and the amp on channel 1.

I can still do a lot with this unit, just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience as me.

No experience of this setup but my £0.02, sorry if any of this is obvious/checked already…

I’d set all devices on different MIDI channels.

Sounds like there needs to be MIDI cables from MC8 > Helix and back from Helix > MC8.

Any devices in that chain need to pass the required MIDI information thru.

The MIDI settings in the MC8 need to be correct. https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/602734593/MC8+User+Manual+firmware+v3.8#Global-Settings

The Helix needs to send the correct MIDI messages (using the MC8’s MIDI channel) as per https://morningstarengineering.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/MMS/pages/602734593/MC8+User+Manual+firmware+v3.8#MIDI-Implementation-Charts

Some stuff, there :grinning:

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Thanks moley6knipe, I’ll take a look.

So I tried something different today and it seems to have solved some issues. I can now send program changes from the HDFX to the MC8. The trick was programing the midi PC change on snapshot1 in any preset. After saving the preset I have to change from snapshot1 to any other snapshot in that preset and that seems to be the way the unit saves it. Before I would change the preset and change to another preset and nothing took. Anyways all good, pack to programming.

Great! Good on you for posting back… helps any future searchers!