[How-To] Using 2 ML10X

If you have thoughts about doing something wild like using 2 ML10Xs together, here’s a how-to article on that possibility: How-To Articles

using 2 ml10xs and 2 MC8s, how do I set up the cables for midi? can’t figure it out lol

Just daisy chain a midi cable between each device. Probably best to go out from one of the MC8s over to the other MC8, then to one ml10x and out the through to the other ml10x. You’ll need to make sure all devices are on their own Midi Channel so they don’t react to unwanted messages meant for the other device. What’s the reasoning of using two MC8s? Just curious.

Thanks for the tips! I use one for control of pedals/midi devices and the other one for more tech things such as jumping banks, within the mc8 or certain pedals. just easier for me.

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