How to use the Set Midi BPM on midi input?

I can find any explanation in the online doc but that MC6 mkII accepts 2 messages on input :
Set MIDI BPM (MSB 2 bits)|5|0-127|
Set MIDI BPM (LSB 7 bits)|6|0-127|
How to use this ? Is the MSB mandatory or could we only use the MSB message ?
I can generate a cc to set bpm from my Soleman, is it possible to set the bpm in MC6 using this CC ?

EDIT : the good question could be : is there any Remote Tap Tempo CC feature in MC6 mkII ?


The BPM can be set using a value of up to 9 bits, so it can range from 0 (0b000000000) to 511 (0b111111111).

Sending a CC#5 message will set the MSB (most significant bits) 2 bit. So, the left-most 2 bits.
Sending a CC#6 message will set the LSB (least significant bits) 7 bit. So, the right-most 7 bits.

So assuming that your current BPM is 200 (in binary terms, that is 0b11001000, sending a CC#5 value 0 message will set the left-most 2 bits to 0, so your BPM will become 0b00001000, which in decimal terms is 8.

Similarly, if your BPM is 200 (0b11001000), sending a CC#6 value 15 (in binary terms is 0b1111) will set the right-most 7 bits to 0b0001111, so your BPM will become 0b11001111, which is 207.

Using a binary to decimal converter always helps.

What do you mean by remote tap tempo CC feature? What are you expecting it to do?

I am not reiventing the wheel,
From page 26 of the Soleman midi controler manual :slight_smile:

Use CC for Remote Tap Tempo
As an alternative to outputting MIDI Clock, the Soleman can output Continuous Control messages when the Tap Tempo Footswitch has been pressed, a setup commonly known as remote tap tempo.
Use this option when the receiving MIDI equipment is set up for remote tap tempo operation.

It appears that you have chosen the option to get the direct bpm value, its is very accurate but very complex to use when a rought aprroximation has been in usage for years, using only one CC (0-127 whatever the value, no importance) and using it as tempo taps.
Sending 2 midi CC is very expensive. Actually I try to avoid such constructions which tend to overflow the midi bus.
And yes I know binary to dec or hex since my beginning in computing with Z80 and 6502 asm last century :wink:

Regarding the remote tap tempo that you shared from Source Audio,

You can

  1. Send CC messages to engage the tap tempo function of your other devices if they have such a MIDI function.
  2. Tap in a tempo which set the MIDI clock BPM on the MC6

Sorry but I want to set the clock value in MC6, and from Soleman because the Tap function is more clear in Soleman. MC6 will still be the only source of clock in my setup.
But due to display constraints on MC6, I could understand, I can’t see the actual tempo and the tap tempo menu is suffering from some other not nice features I reported on Github before the start of your forum. One of them is that it unconditionnaly sets the tempo on entering in it, with no possibility to keep the actual (and unknown) clock.