How to toggle off a group of presets related to a single pedal?

Maybe I’m missing something but is there a way to toggle off a group of presets together wihout manually setting that up for each patch? Toggle groups seems to be close but it doesn’t seem to do what I need which is to toggle off a set of presets that affect the same pedal when toggle on a another preset related to this pedal. A bit like Clear Preset Toggles but for a group of presets rather than all.

The use case is being able to change patches on a single pedal and toggle off all the other patches related to that pedal. This way the relevant active state can be preserved.

Right now I’m Indiviually setting toggle state with the Set Toggle message type . This is not ideal because if you move patches the things you’re toggling is set to a position on the switcher not the patch itself so these refererences are messed up when moving patches around.

Sadly I think you’re right, your solution is the only one that’ll work. It would be nice if there was some sort of global way to do this, I have the same challenge with my three source audio pedals. I’ve just got used to setting the toggle message when I set presets up. Which isn’t often to be fair!

I’d like to have that function, too. Would be nice if we could set ‘toggle groups’ to alternate instead of sync.

Totally agree. I jumped for joy when I saw toggle groups but was disappointed. I have been using the work around but as you say its a pain if you want to move a preset as you need to update the all.

Agreed this would be a very useful feature @james